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Logo Dron.eM. Naloty fotogrametryczne, zdjęcia z drona, ortofotomapy
Operator drona, kamizelka odblaskowa, uprawnienia UAVO VLOS

A fragment of the orthophotomap of the Nida Valley made by our company using a manned plane. The entire study covers over 4,000 ha.

About me...

...not only drones

As a experienced and licensed drone operator, I bring over a decade of expertise in surveying and photogrammetry to the field. My proficiency extends to conducting GCP-based drone missions with a specialization in processing data through industry-leading software such as Agisoft Metashape Pro. I am well-versed in working with various CAD applications, Pix4D, Cloudcompare, Globalmapper, and other tools.

My comprehensive skill set enables me to generate diverse output data, including orthomosaics, point clouds, mesh models, and textured 3D models, along with photoplans of elevations. I adeptly handle data processing in multiple coordinate systems, often integrating external data from across Europe into my projects. My daily operations involve seamless integration with RTK data, a foundational aspect in geodesy.

Collaborating closely with constructors, designers, and architects, I contribute to the realization of 3D visualizations. Additionally, I am extensively involved in drone projects within mining environments, leveraging photogrammetric calculations. My repertoire extends to working with lidar data from drones and satellite data, primarily for coordinate extraction and completing DTMs.

Building upon a family tradition, I have obtained UACP qualification as an ultralight aircraft pilot, enhancing my aviation qualifications. This expansion broadens the possibilities within the realm of photogrammetry, especially for projects with extensive surface areas where rotor drones and unmanned aerial vehicles may prove impractical. Leveraging proprietary solutions in camera stabilization and flight planning, I successfully executed a photogrammetric flight over a 4,000-hectare area in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, as showcased in a detailed study by our company.

My commitment to innovation, coupled with a diverse skill set, positions me as a professional capable of delivering high-quality results across complex and expansive photogrammetry projects.

Ortofotomapa z drona, samolotu 3Xtrim , geodezyjna Pińczów
Ortofotomapa, samolot ultralekki 3 Xtrim

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Logo Dron.eM. Naloty fotogrametryczne, zdjęcia z drona, ortofotomapy

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