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Logo Dron.eM. Naloty fotogrametryczne, zdjęcia z drona, ortofotomapy

I am not afraid of challenges and I am willing to take on new tasks. I am open to novelties and modern technology is familiar to me. I do not have a predetermined price list. I believe that each order is different and should be treated individually. If you are interested in my offer, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Work is also my passion. I approach each task with equal commitment. I am happy when I can learn something new thanks to new orders.

Operator drona, kamizelka odblaskowa, uprawnienia UAVO VLOS

A fragment of the orthophotomap of the Nida Valley made by our company using a manned plane. The entire study covers over 4,000 ha.

About me...

...not only drones

Continuing the family tradition, I became an ultralight aircraft pilot, obtaining the UACP qualification certificate. Expanding my knowledge and aviation qualifications opens up new possibilities in the field of photogrammetry. Due to the huge surface area, some projects become impossible to implement with rotor drones and unmanned aerial vehicles. Thanks to the use of our own solutions in the field of camera stabilization and flight planning, we are able to perform a photogrammetric flight with a manned plane. Below is a fragment of the study prepared by our company in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. In a very short time, we made an orthophotomap of the area of over 4,000 ha.

I am a licensed drone operator. I work in a surveying company on a daily basis. I fly fully legally, I know the current regulations and I am up to date with drone news. I have the documents required by law: UAVO qualification certificate, aero-medical certificate and insurance. I work with, among others, mines, for which I make inventories of earth masses.


Ortofotomapa z drona, samolotu 3Xtrim , geodezyjna Pińczów
Ortofotomapa, samolot ultralekki 3 Xtrim

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Logo Dron.eM. Naloty fotogrametryczne, zdjęcia z drona, ortofotomapy

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